Truck Transmission Problems and Diagnostics

truck engine repairMany truck drivers find it difficult to tell when and if there is an issue with their transmission. This is because some problems do not easily manifest while others are quite difficult to detect.

If you experience any of the issues discussed below, Dr Diesel says take your truck to a mechanic right away for accurate diagnosis and repairs. If repairs are delayed, the problems could escalate, which would necessitate complicated and expensive repairs.

Improper operation

A universal sign for most truck problems is when your transmission slips or delays to respond. This problem is especially notable when you push the pedal, but the speed remains constant, or it takes a while before it picks up.

For vehicles fitted with manual transmissions, changing gears can be quite problematic. On the other hand, trucks equipped with automatic transmission can slip out of gears especially when reversing.

Strange sensations

Another indicator of a faulty transmission is strange shimmying movements and vibrations. These vibrations are especially evident when driving at different speeds. When this happens, you may need to have some transmission components replaced or repaired.

Strange noises

Strange noises include grinding, thumping and clunking sounds. When your truck produces these sounds especially when shifting, then your transmission requires immediate repair. However, if you are driving a truck fitted with manual transmission and you detect a grinding sound, this could be an indication of the failure of the clutch gear to disengage.

Burning or unusual smells

Just like your engine, when the transmission lacks enough fluids for lubrication, it could overheat and fail. When your transmission is operating at elevated temperatures, you may notice a strange chemical and burning smell. This should be enough reason to have your transmission checked among other truck repairs.

While driving, listening to your truck for strange sounds is very important. This will allow you to detect common indications of failing vehicle components that need to be repaired. A good number of everyday car troubles can be prevented with proper maintenance services.