UTEs for Fun and Function: Its Many Uses in Your Farm

Rows of young corn plants on a fertile fieldBuying all of the equipment you want and need to carry out farm chores can be quite the expensive feat. With so many types of machines and tools out there, you’ll definitely find it a daunting task. This is particularly true for newcomers or farm hobbyists and enthusiasts.

The good news is you can cut back on the potential costs of having to buy multiple equipment with a single powerful machine — a UTE. Also commonly referred to as a UTV (utility train vehicle), you can transform this vehicle into a rig.

Not just for off-road fun

While many UTE owners use their vehicles for off-road adventures, they also boast of an impressive capability for hauling and towing. This is many thanks to the services bodies for UTEs you’ll find both in standard and custom forms. With truck-cab like bodies, you can haul and tow those heavy loads you need for your everyday farm work.

Moving weight made easier

Although ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) also have the capability to haul and tow, these activities are more prominent in the world of side-by-sides. Whether you need to haul farm supplies and materials or pull around another heavy machine, you can rely on your UTE and its cargo bed to fulfil these tasks. These off-road powerhouses have evolved over the years that these chores no longer pose any issue for them. In fact, some of today’s models have a towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds.

There are many other applications where UTEs can perform really well, but the above-mentioned alone should already make you want to invest in one. And with it functioning both as a recreational and a functional vehicle, you definitely will find it worthy of your hard-earned money.