What to Look Out for When Buying a Used Mercedes Sprinter Van

Sprinter Van

So you finally found a used Mercedes Sprinter van in “great condition”, but are not entirely sure if it is indeed in excellent condition. Unless the van is being sold by a reputable Sprinter van dealer, preferably, you should have an experienced mechanic check the van, or inspect the van with someone who knows how.

Otherwise, below is a basic check-list of things that you should watch out for when you inspect a used Mercedes Sprinter van:

  • See if the glow plug light is working before you start the engine. If it’s not lighting up, there’s something wrong with the glow plug. Note that all sprinter engines are equipped with glow plugs.
  • Inspect the headlights. If the reflective material looks worn out or looks greenish, the headlights would require replacing.
  • See if the engine halts quickly when you turn the key and put it into the off position. This issue is especially crucial on 208D models with 2.3L engines since their engine stop is pneumatic and could be very hard to repair.
  • Examine the prop shaft bearings, which you can find under the Sprinter. If its moving side to side, they’re already worn out, so the entire prop shaft needs to be replaced because it’s a single unit, explains Warner Vans of Utah, a popular dealer of used Mercedes Sprinter vans in Idaho.
  • Check if the hinges on the rear door are secure and tight as these are susceptible to rust.
  • Inspect the rear differential for any indication of leaking and unusual sounds when driving.
  • See if the seal surrounding the windshield is free of rust as rust in this area could be difficult to fix.

The above is by no means a complete list of things you should inspect when buying a used Mercedes Sprinter van, but it would do for starters. It’s also a great idea to bring an OBDII scanner with you if DTC fault codes are showing. Do keep in mind though that not all fault codes are entirely accurate, but you could use them as indicators of potential issues.