2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat: Taming the Beast

Dodge Car

With a name like Hellcat, you can bet this car is just squirming to get to open road. It’s hard to mistake it for anything but a mean machine once it’s tearing down country lanes or even sitting sedately on city streets, especially with a fiery red paint job with black accents.

In other words, the 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat is an open book.

Judge It by Its Cover

The 1971 Challenger, theHellcat’sancestor, inspired the Hellcat'sexteriorwith all signature design cues,trimmed and touched up just enough to fit in this decade but still recognizably Challenger.

There are very minute changes in the Hellcat compared to the SRT model, including the snarling badges on the front fenders and subtle upgrades in the plumbing. Visually, it’s hardly distinguishable from a regular Challenger (unless you know what to look for).

The Cat in the Bag

The huge differentiator for the Hellcat, as Ontario Auto Ranch points out, is its frankly ridiculous 707 horsepower, 6.2-liter Hemi V8 engine that won’t be out of place under a NASCAR racer’s hood. The Hellcat sprints to 60mph in a little over three seconds, and can blast a quarter-mile run in 10.8 seconds equipped with racing slick rubbers.

It’ll eat up straight-line highway distances with incredible ease, but trekking hills and twisty-er paths rightfully earn the Hellcat its name. The heavy and direct steering demands the driver’s considerable attention, time, and focus on mastering it. The reward is an exhilarating driving experience that compares to pricier and heavier-specced European supercars.

Interior and Comfort Bits

The Hellcat’s cabin is still somewhat of a throwback to the ’71 model, consisting of high-quality black plastics with no noticeable creaks and rattles. The center console provides all driver-necessary information, the pulsing engine Start button is simply inviting, and the back seats are surprisingly roomy for a muscle car. The driver and front passenger enjoy comfy leather seats with heating and ventilation.

American muscle car enthusiasts will find plenty to love in the Hellcat, with an abundance of power, comfort, and classic style. It’s a time machine that harks back to the heydays of brawny car culture but has more than enough grunt to propel drivers impatiently to the future.