4 Simple Ideas To Save On Car Fuel

Car Pumping Fuel

A majority of vehicles around the world still depend on traditional fuels to run. The cost of fuel, facing increasing demand and a dwindling supply, goes up every year. It’s only natural for car drivers to seek ways to save on fuel. Here are some suggestions:

Plan Your Trips

Many people think short trips save fuel, but if you use your car for several short trips in a day, you may be using more gas than you would if you had one long trip. Driving a car from a cold start forces it to use more fuel. Instead of driving out separately on errands, plan several errands and do them all at once, such as grocery shopping, dropping off your laundry and fetching your child from school.

Check Your Tire Pressure

The recommended tire pressure for your car is on the sticker of your driver’s doorjamb. That’s for the tires that came with your car. The recommended pressure may be different for aftermarket wheel and tire replacements, so stick to the recommended psi. Driving on over inflated or under inflated tires forces your vehicle to use up more fuel. Whenever you rotate or replace your tires, ask your mechanic in Lakewood for alignment. Misaligned wheels also force your car to use more gas.

Find Alternative Routes

If you drive regularly to a particular place, such as work or school, find alternative routes to get there. You can avoid traffic jams if you have other options. Even if you have to take a reasonably longer route, you will still use less fuel than if you used a short but traffic-prone route.

Offer To Carpool

You can ask work colleagues who live along your way to share a ride. They just have to chip in for fuel whenever you pick them up or drop them off. You save some money for gas and also help in reducing the number of vehicles causing traffic.

Here’s a bonus tip: Don’t believe the myth that more expensive fuel is better for your car. Use the recommended fuel for your car. There is usually a minimum RON (Research Octane Number) requirement for your car’s engine. As long as you don’t use gas with a lower RON than your car’s minimum recommended, you’re good.

Fuel, as we all know is costly, so it’s best to find ways to save. Why not start with the above-mentioned suggestions.