Back Pain Due to Under-the-Car Work: 3 Ways to Alleviate the Pain

Woman experiencing hip and back pain

Serious car enthusiasts may be happy to roll under their cars to perform some DIY maintenance or repair. All that work can take a toll on your back, however, especially when you are quite old. In fact, you may already be experiencing mild or severe pain after working under your car for years already. When you experience pain, you can immediately deal with the problem either with professional help or home remedies.

Professional Help

Consult your physician for advice regarding your lower back. You can approach chiropractors, as well. They can stretch and physically manipulate your back in such a way so as to make it relax and relieve pain. Physicians and chiropractors can be quite expensive, however.

Simple Stretching and Other Home Remedies

You can try home remedies to relieve the pain in your back. A good way involves slowly stretching your legs, one at a time while sitting down. Point your foot and bend your head down as well. Next, flex your foot and tilt your head back. Repeat this stretching exercise slowly ten times for each leg. You can do this right after your car work.

Besides stretching, you can also simply lay back and rest. You can apply a hot compress to your back to relax the muscles. You may also try to exercise to train your back for strenuous activities.

Invest in a Car Lift

Of course, the best way to solve your back pain involves eliminating the cause. Lying on your back while you work on your car can hurt after long hours. To replace such a practice, JMC Equipment says that you can invest in a challenger car lift so that you can work under your car while standing up.

Although a car lift can be quite costly, it provides other benefits that make the purchase worthwhile. You can have more space in the garage using a car lift. Your DIY car work can be safer, as well.

You can now say goodbye to back pain with the above-mentioned suggestions. If that back pain isn’t going away, then better check with your doctor to know what went wrong.