Boost Your Passive Marketing With Vehicle Wraps

Active Marketing

Passive marketing allows businesses to be cost-effective while enjoying the benefits of 24/7 advertising. Those who do not subscribe to passive marketing will stand to lose much in terms of brand exposure and market prospects.

Minimal Effort for Wider Exposure

Passive marketing campaigns are one-time investments that need minimal effort. These are in contrast with active marketing where you give a concerted effort to reach out to target audiences. Passive marketing is “planted” within sight or access of potential customers, giving them the option to reach your business at their leisure. Traditional examples include phone book and directory listings and billboards.

This type of marketing is anticipatory. You have to consider the needs of the customer beforehand. For example, businesses list their addresses and contact numbers on their websites because they expect customers would want that information. If you want to limit the text in favor of graphic design, adding campaign hashtags, website address or social media handles will be as effective.

The Marketing Potential of Vehicle Wraps

Posting an advertisement on a vehicle is the modern alternative to phone books and yellow pages. It also appeals to the older demographic because, as print media, vehicle wraps echo traditional print marketing. It is an effective marketing strategy because your advertisements will literally travel distances. As the vehicles cover more ground, they show your advertisements to a larger audience.

Vehicle wraps are more eye-catching than car top signs, too. Covering an entire vehicle with your brand’s colors is more noticeable than a tiny sign on top of a cab. Having a fleet of vehicles is even better. recommends fleet wrap campaigns when marketing beyond your usual geographical reach (ex: when opening a branch in another city).

High-Quality Printing Required

Attractive colors and a kickass graphic design will be useless if the print quality is sub-par. Colors need to be precise and images must be sharp. If the printing quality is poor and the materials used are substandard, you won’t achieve the full potential of this marketing strategy.