Cohesive, Minimalist Styles Put McModerns Above McMansions

Kitchen Interior designThere’s a myriad of things to consider when you’re buying a home: neighborhood, crime rate, proximity to highways, and schools are but a few. It is a dream for many Americans, though, says Jaren Johnson Realty Group, a real estate company, to own luxury houses with premium amenities.

This preference for luxury paved the way for the popularity of McMansions, larger-than-average, grand homes inspired by noble houses like French chateaux and Spanish villas. Critics have much to say against the aesthetics and construction method these homes, however.

The Fault in McMansions

The McMansion’s main selling point is that it’s spacious. In fact, one McMansion can measure anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 square feet. This allows for large rooms and garages and luxury amenities like high-end appliances, sunrooms, and offices. Moreover, although it exudes a look of affluence, it is made of cheap materials — making them more affordable. So, they became a favorite among homeowners and dominated the suburbs for nearly 40 years.

Despite its popularity, McMansions drew the ire of many architects who claim that they’re too big, bulky, and downright garish. The Washington Post states that McMansions don’t adhere to principles of good architecture. They have irregular features like mix-matched materials, oversized pediments, and stretched columns.

McMansions are melting pots of elements that, although grand, don’t form a coherent whole or make for a balanced design. Inevitably, the McMansion’s popularity dipped.

The Rise of the McModerns

Today, there’s no longer a large demand for grand features. Instead, homeowners are looking for a façade that’s simple, tasteful, and well-put together.

So, they set their sights on a new type of house design: the McModern. These houses share the pleasant qualities like spacious rooms and premium amenities that made McMansions so popular. Its balanced design, however, put it a notch above its predecessor; McModerns’ emphasis on minimalism means that it has a more cohesive architectural style — vertical and horizontal lines, ample natural light, and a clean aesthetic — than McMansions.

These, modern homeowners say, are characteristics of a high-brow form of architecture. They’re a hit among young, tech-savvy, and highly educated individuals. In fact, the Business Insider reports that McModerns are spreading in liberal cities across the country.

People have different tastes and preferences on how they want their home to look like. Whether it’s a minimalist aesthetic or a mishmash of elements, it is up to you to choose which home is ideal for you and your family.