Extreme Land, Sea, and Air Adventures in Miami


Miami offers a ton of activities for those looking for thrills and adventure. The sunny weather is perfect for extreme sports the whole year round, after all. With so many to choose from, it could get tricky lining up your calendar for the most entertaining of the bunch.

Let’s narrow it down three of the most extreme activities you can get into on land, sea, and air.

Extreme Off-Roading

Gear up with the best all terrain tires like those you can find at armstrongtire.com because it’s time to hit the dirt! Though Florida may be lacking in rocky mountains, it makes up for it in muddy swamps. These muddy monstrosities pretending to be swamps will take all your precision driving skills and your vehicle’s horsepower to the limit.


Wash off the mud by trying out flyboarding. Officially one of the newest extreme sports, there have been numerous competitions over it. So, strap the board onto your feet, and you’ll fly off the water to heights of over 5 stories.

It’s like balancing on a skateboard with gushing fire hoses trying to take you in every direction. It takes great balance and precision movements to control these flyboards. You can dive into the water and rise into the air and as you get the hang of it — you’ll soon be doing loops, spins and rolls like an airplane.


If those two activities required precise control — this activity only requires you to let go. Skydiving is an activity with very minimal control as gravity does what it does best. You rely on your gear, a bit of training, and a lot of nerves to land safely on the ground.

Falling with extreme velocity — with the air rushing around you and the ground looming ever closer — is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

With the Miami weather, you can enjoy these extreme activities all-year round or until your nerves hit their breaking point.