Live a Simpler Life by Getting Rid of What You Don’t Need

Budgeting items laid on a table of paper bills

“I’m a pretty uncomplicated person. I live a very simple life with my family, and I enjoy very ordinary things.” – Novelist Khaled Hosseini

If you find yourself rethinking your life after reading that quote from the author of The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Mountains Echoed, know that you can do something about it. A simple life is achievable, and it begins with stripping your life down to the basics, to the necessities. With a simpler, more ordinary life, you are free from the pressures of a materialistic world. Here are some ideas on how to do it.

Make a list of the things you need and get rid of the rest

The clothes you haven’t worn in a year don’t deserve a place on your list. You have a desktop PC, a laptop, an iPad and a smartphone. One or two of those have to go (hint: desktop and iPad). Leave what you use most often both for work and leisure. You have a broken car by the shed that you’ve been meaning to fix but know you never will, and a perfectly functioning SUV and a sedan in the garage. Choose which one stays.

Donate, sell or give away

Invite a few friends to come over. They can take their pick of the clothes; give the rest to charity. You can also sell used baby clothes and toys, even that extra vacuum cleaner or lawnmower, through your Facebook or Instagram.

Go on eBay and sell the devices you don’t need. Decide which you use more, the SUV or the car. As for the broken car, wreckers in Christchurch like Christchurch Wreckers will be happy to buy it and tow it away.

Relocate if you must

This is sound advice for those who just got divorced or would rather downsize (a smaller house or apartment is less expensive). As you are hoping to push the reset button on your life, moving is the next logical step. A new place where you can make new friends, meet new neighbours, do new things. You’ve chucked the things you don’t need, so downsizing should be easier.

Avoid buying, especially duplicates

Buying what you don’t need, and especially buying more than one of the same kind, is often the culprit behind a complicated life. Why do you have multiple phones? Why do you need both paid online streaming and cable? Why do you have expensive sets of china when you live alone? These are the things you should avoid.

A simple life is a choice, and if you stick with it for a while, you learn to understand its real value – that there’s only so much you can buy until you wonder what you were thinking; and that all you need, you already have.