River and Lake Activities to Try with Your Kids

A Motor Boat

In this day and age, everyone is way too busy with their careers that they often neglect what is important – their family. You spend most of your time at work that it is essential to find time to bond and strengthen your relationship. Fortunately, those mini-trips are something everyone looks forward to.

Your husband will be busy at the boat house here in Rockport, while you try out some fun activities to do by the lake or river with your kids. Do note, though, that below activities are ideal for kindergarteners, preschoolers, and toddlers.

Fun in the sun with turtle races

This particular activity requires your craft skills because you have to make three to five turtles, so your kids can race them. To make one, you have to get a green poster board and cut out shapes of turtles before naming each one of them.

For every turtle, you will then need to punch a hole just directly above the center and insert pieces of string that are five to eight feet long. Assign one chair for every turtle and then knot one end of every string to a leg of the chair. You will then have to arrange those chairs alongside on the finish line.

At the starting line, ask your kids to stand in a row. Each of them must hold the loose end of their chosen turtle’s string. Your kids’ hands should be near their turtles at the start of the race. Once you say go, they must begin to wiggle their strings, so the turtles bounce to the finish line.

Fun in the sun with Dunk the Ducks

You will need to fill a water table or a soft-sided inflatable wading pool with around three inches of water. You will then have to place four floating rubber ducks in it and fill some squirt bottles with water. Ask your kids to use these bottles to “dunk the ducks.”

Make this trip memorable for them so that they will look forward to your family outings. Through these activities, you will surely inspire them to come up with their own for your next holiday.