Staircases Define the Beauty of a Two-Storey Home

Stairs at home

People who are looking for a home to buy are often in a dilemma whether to get a single- or two-storey home. While both may have their own sets of advantages, studies show that many homebuyers often prefer two-storey houses. One of them is giving more living space even if the land where their hosuse stands is not that big. 

Another advantage is that they can finally have a wonderful staircase they've been dreaming about. What is so special about a staircase?

It adds character

A beautifully-designed staircase can add more character and depth to your home. According to, you can choose from among the many materials available. Depending on the style of your interiors, you can go for the traditional wooden staircase or a chic glass staircase. 

If your interiors consist of concrete and tiles all throughout, then you should consider having a concrete staircase. If the interior has a contemporary design, Active Metal recommends installing a glass staircase with balustrade stainless steel would make it more stylish.

It promotes elegance

Imagine a fabulous, sophisticated two-storey home complete with a winding staircase. Looks fantastic, right? Nearly all people who were asked the same question find a beautiful staircase more chic for their preference. This is because the staircase adds a degree of elegance. Aside from the character it gives, it also acts as a wonderful work of art in the middle of your home, like a centrepiece.

It gives you health benefits

Having a staircase in your home allows you some amount of exercise. You may not realise it, but the simple act of going up and down the stairs is already a form of exercise. According to, using the stairs can greatly help in maintaining healthy weight levels.

Staircases not only define the beauty of your home, it also provides you with a means to exercise without you even realising it. If you are shopping for a new house, you might want to consider those that have upper floors complete with a beautiful staircase.