The Growing Urban Farm Programs of Salt Lake City

ATV darting

Salt Lake City is one of the booming urban areas in the country – to a fault. Today, there’s no clear distinction between rural and urban land. The city has also lost a sizable amount of farmland to progress. For this reason, a huge portion of its produce comes from other places.

To preserve the agricultural heritage and promote more locally grown produce, the city pushes for urban farming. In 2017, the city created a program that now allows farmers to grow their business while close to the metropolitan area. It converts almost 2 acres of an unused city-owned plot in Glendale.

The Kinds of Farmers

Under the program, the city is looking for farmers who can cultivate the land through sustainable means for at least five years. They should be able to run drip irrigation and not use any toxic chemical on their produce. This way, they can preserve the condition of the land and grow organic food.

The farmers also need to sell as much of their produce as possible to restaurants and markets. The city also compels them to create a food stand that will accept food stamps.

Funding Assistance

The state also provides micro grants to those who are practicing sustainable farming. The city along with Urban Connections Utah is now opening its second round of applications. According to Deseret News, 33 applied during the first series with more than $130,000 request for funding. Around four received about $14,000.

Urban farming is no easy job. But aside from technology, farmers can make it more convenient by owning reliable transport. Investing in a pre-owned ATV in Salt Lake City means converting the three- to four-wheeler into a field plow or a seed spreader that can navigate the complex roads of the city.

With ample support and ingenuity, Salt Lake City’s urban farms will make high-quality, affordable produce accessible to everyone.