Tools the Motorcycle Enthusiast Must Own

motorcycle change oil

Once you gain interest and curiosity into a motorcycle you bought, you will inevitably feel the urge to take care of it yourself.

DIY maintenance not only gives you control over your motorcycle, but you can also save on maintenance services that can grow costly over time. What will you be doing to maintain your vehicle? Additionally, what will you need to do such maintenance?

1. Invest in a lift.

Next, you can invest in a Titan 1500XLT motorcycle lift, which you can get from suppliers such as JMC Equipment. This piece of equipment can raise your motorcycle off the ground during maintenance.

The lift eliminates the need for you to lie down on your back or to squat down during maintenance. A lift also takes up only a small space in your garage, making it a convenient piece of equipment.

2. Use gloves.

Now, before you can do any of the maintenance tasks above, you need the right tools. To keep your hands clean of grime, you can get a set of nitrile or latex gloves. You can dispose of these after use, and you can easily bring them around in case of motorcycle problems on the road.

3. Prepare your tools and gauges.

Once you have your lift and your gloves, you can now find a toolset. A basic set will do with wrenches, sockets, hex driver bits, oil filter wrench, and even a rubber mallet. You will also need measuring tools such as a tire pressure gauge.

You will need other tools such as an oil drain pan, a chain breaker tool, and a battery charger. You can build up your maintenance tools slowly until you have them all. You may have to spend a considerable amount in the short term, but the savings will loom large in the long run.

Some motorcycle maintenance tasks will be better left off to the professionals, but you can do some tasks easily yourself. You can easily check the tire pressure and the fluids. Other tasks such as changing the tires and the oil, maintaining the chain, and replacing it and the sprocket will need some learning.