3 Tips on Sprucing Up Your Car’s Exterior

Car being washed

Whenever you feel the urge to buy a brand-new car, do yourself a favour and take a hard look at the one you already have. You just might discover that your old car is still in good condition and simply needs a makeover. You can start by sprucing up its exterior.

Find out what you will need for this project.

A new set of wheels

A new set of tyres and wheels can change the appearance of your car. If you want a sporty look for your car, you can have low-profile tyres on high-quality mag wheels. When choosing tyres and wheels, remember that more than the aesthetics, your safety should be your top priority. You should consider getting professional advice on the most suitable set for the type of car you have.

A wide range of accessories

Other than their practical uses, the latest exterior accessories can give your car a modern look. Side window deflectors, for instance, will protect the inside of your car from rain and wind, as well as make your vehicle look more up-to-date.

Exterior accessories, such as grille and splash guards, running boards and steps and fog lights, can also boost your car’s overall appearance. Keep in mind, though, that over-accessorising might have the opposite effect on your car, so do not overdo it.

A fresh coat of paint

Giving your car’s body a new paint finish will instantly make your vehicle look different and better, if not new. You can take your car’s exterior paint job even further by requesting a customised paint colour or adding accents like racing stripes. For best results, you should have any dents or scratches repaired first before having your car repainted.

Do not give up on your old car just yet. You might find that all it needs is a little exterior makeover to look like new again.