A Subaru Can Run Forever with a Little Help from You

Front Light Details Of Black Japanese Car

A Subaru is not exactly an Audi — although some models perform just as well, if not better — so it does not cost as much as a luxury car. Still, a Subaru isn’t a Honda Fit, so it may still cost you a pretty penny.

The good news is that Subaru has adjusted its prices to accommodate the smart buyer and not the spendthrift. Subarus don’t necessarily attract small-car fans who only aim to get a bargain in terms of price tag and cost of ownership. Rather, they’re the choice of buyers who have some money and will buy a vehicle regardless of what the economy looks like.

Your Subaru could run thousands of miles before it will have a problem. For that, Shadetree Automotive reminds taking it to a known service shop. You don’t want an inexperienced grease monkey working on your car after all. Even if Subaru cars are known for longevity, you can make your Subaru run for years by following these simple tips:

Check and change the fluids regularly

Don’t scrimp on oil changes. Letting your Subaru run on oil past its effectiveness is the surest way to destroy that Boxer engine. Oil doesn’t cost a fortune, and neither does a new filter. Some mechanics don’t advise changing the filter every time you change the oil, but to be sure, change both.

Change the crush washer to be sure the seal is intact. You should also change the air filter to let your car breathe more easily, and the cabin filter so you don’t breathe in dirty air. Check the brake fluid and top up when needed. Ask your mechanic what parts need greasing and when. Refer to your owner’s manual for more.

Keep your Subaru clean

Not only does regular washing and waxing keep your Subaru looking good, but it also removes the road salt, dirt and grime, bug splatter, tree sap, and the effects of acid rain. Letting all that much sit on your car can cause corrosion, which may affect safety and not just aesthetics.

Take it to the service shop regularly

You don’t have to take it to the shop for an oil change since that’s easy enough to learn. Taking it to the shop at least every six months for PMS, however, is necessary for your car’s continued life on the road. Trained Subaru mechanics can spot problems better and before they become too bad, which can cost you a lot more to fix.

A Subaru can run forever, whether you got it brand new or used, but you should still help it achieve that milestone by giving it some care.