Government Backs Tire Recycling Efforts

Green recycle logoThe pileup of unused and old tires has become such a big problem for the United States. Despite the government’s efforts to collect as many of the tires as possible, they take up so much space and require resources that need to be burned. There are also health issues associated with tire burning, which has resulted in the government pushing for laws that encourage using off-the-road tire recycling machines instead.

Recycling Has Benefits

This may come as a no mental effort, but recycling is the more environment-friendly approach to eliminating unused tires. Especially in the case of off-the-road tire recycling, those big and bulky tires will stay in landfills unless they are used differently. California is just one of the states pushing for laws to promote tire-recycling, which in the long run will improve the air quality in the area, and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

The End of Tire Burning

It seems questionable that tire burning used to be considered a viable solution for the growing problem with old tires. Perhaps it made sense to burn them considering that the process would free up space, but at the cost of the environment. So many environmental questions have been left unanswered by this practice, but thankfully the government is aiming to correct the problem. Now, even places such as Nova Scotia are switching gears, moving from tire burning to recycling.

New Facilities

Aside from the existing tire recycling facilities on the West coast, there are also new ones under development. The Gary Common Council, for one, has given the go signal to build a recycling facility with an aim to “change wasteful into useful products.”

The impact of tire recycling can be seen soon if local governments continue to make an effort to stop tire burning and other wasteful and harmful ways of getting rid of tires.