How to Choose the Right Bike for Your Kids

a dad teaching his son how to ride a bicycle

Going for a bicycle ride with your family is a fun activity that you can do on weekends. Your kids get to discover new things while enjoying the outdoors. But how do you choose the right bicycle for your children?

MADSEN Cycles shares some insights that can help you make a good decision.

Set a budget​

Many people may not be aware of it, but high-quality bikes can be expensive. In fact, the price ranges from a hundred bucks to even a thousand, depending on what you’re looking for. Low-range bikes usually cost around $80 to $300 and have basic metal frames that combine style and function.

Ensure that the bicycle fits your kids

Buy a bike that fits your child’s body. You need to choose a frame size that’ll suit your child’s age and size. You may want to check the frame sizing chart to find out which will be the best for your little one. You may also ask the bike store for assistance. You may somehow get a rough estimate by letting your child stand over the bike frame and roughly measure the difference between your child’s crotch and the bike.

Know the bicycle’s components​

Bikes nowadays come with various gear and accessories, which you may want to check out. You should also check the suspension, especially if you’re planning to bring them on rough terrain. Most especially, be familiar with the brakes. It’s always best to know how to check the brakes properly to ensure your child’s safety.

Most children dream of having their own bicycle. That’s why it’s important to choose the one that’ll fit their age and their level of skills and experience. You may want to do a test ride before you buy a bike for your kid to ensure that they’ll be able to ride on it as soon as the weekend comes.