How to Find the Ideal Used Car Seller for You

A used car dealer doing a thumbs up

When on the market for used cars, you have the option to buy from a private party seller or from a used car dealership. In general, it is safer to buy from a reputable dealership, although you may have to pay a bit more because of the salesperson involved.

Here are some tips on how you can find a good dealer that offers fair used car prices here in Raleigh:


In general, the dealership will handle all the necessary paperwork. They will register the vehicle for you or secure a temporary registration. Various federal and state protection laws for consumers likewise cover car dealers. These do not apply to private sellers.


Dealers sell cars day in and day out. They are familiar with the applicable taxes that you have to shoulder. They also know other requirements you have to comply with such as emissions testing.

Less Risk

Buying from an individual seller will save you on overhead costs that include commissions for the salesperson. Some people feel so much attachment to their cars that they think their vehicle is worth more than what its actual market value is.

Thus, they tend to ask for a high price. Likewise, some private sellers may ask you to handle the DMV paperwork required. You would not experience it when dealing with a reputable dealer.

BBB Rating

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) rates reputable dealers in Raleigh. Private car sellers are not. This way, you can evaluate the sellers’ reputation as you can get valuable information about them. You will have recourse in case the transaction does not pan out. There is built-in protection from scams.

It is natural for a seller to get the most money from you as they can. As a buyer, you want to spend as little money as possible. There is nothing wrong with that. The key is to hold your ground until you get the price that you think is fair. Likewise, make sure that everything is in writing.