Keep Your BMW Running for Miles: 3 Ideas for Year-Round Car Care

Car moving fast approaching a curve

A BMW is a work of automotive genius. It’s one of the best pieces of mobile machinery you will ever find. No matter where you are, if you drive a BMW, you know you’ll make more than a few heads turn. Many people who have worked hard to achieve success consider a BMW as one of the rewards they deserve, and the car hardly ever disappoints.

The dependable German engineering, legendary longevity, and exquisite styling of a BMW come at a premium, and rightfully so. You, as the proud owner of such a luxury car, can help keep your vehicle on the road far longer, enjoying what it has to offer for more years ahead.

Here are some simple care tips for your auto:

Keep it cool during hot days

A car’s motor gets extremely hot when you drive, but a BMW is not one to shy away from at such a challenge. That being said, if you don’t take care of your beamer well, long drives during summer can shorten its life. Experts like advise to take it in for BMW service and have the oil changed several times a year. Check if the coolant is still doing its job and the antifreeze for winter is not making it work harder. To be sure about when to replace these fluids, check your owner’s manual.

Keep it running in winter

Winter slush can make even a BMW work extra hard. Before the first snow falls, take it in for servicing and checking. Keep some sand in a box in your trunk for traction, just in case you get stuck in the snow. Replace summer tires with snow tires, or get all-season tires to eliminate the need for replacing rubber every season. Always bring an ice scraper in your trunk too.

Keep it clean

No matter what the season, a BMW deserves a good wash. During summer, you don’t want that mud, sand, and dust to stay on your car. In winter, the road salt can cause rusting, so it’s especially important to wash it off with some good car shampoo. Don’t forget to wax your car at least every three months, if you want to keep it protected from road grime, bug guts, tree sap, and bird droppings all year.

A BMW deserves special care because it is a special car. You didn’t pay the price of several cars for one for nothing. Take good care of it, and it will reward you with enjoyable drives for thousands and thousands of miles.