Keep Your Car in Good Condition and Never Leave Home Without These

Woman checking her car's engine

With all the work your car does to keep you moving, it does deserve a bit more care. And, as you already have a car, you should never leave home with some necessities.

Keep your car in good condition

A car will keep punching the miles, as long as you give some reasonable care. Many moving parts need lubrication, fluids that need flushing or topping up, and filters that need cleaning or replacing, among many other parts that need checking.

But the most basic include your motor oil and other fluids and filters, and your brakes, which should always give you ample stopping power. Take your car every three months to the shop for an oil change.

Have the filters checked and the other fluids topped up, as needed, and ask for brake repair in Clearfield such as if you notice the brakes are not functioning as well as before, or if they have been making noise for a while.

Bring some necessary supplies for emergencies

There is space in your car’s trunk for a few items you should never leave without. Buy a first-aid kit, just in case you or someone you spot on the road needs it. Bring a few thick blankets.

You never know when you might get caught in a blizzard, or when you might have a flat; thick blankets can protect you from the hot asphalt if you have to kneel or get under the car.

Other items you should have in your vehicle at all times are: a flashlight, a battery-powered or crank-up AM radio, some energy bars and bottled water that you should rotate every few months or so, a tire pressure gauge, a spare tire, Fix-a-Flat kit, and tools for replacing a flat, reflective triangles or flares.

Consider getting a basic cellphone with an extended power battery, and the numbers of your next of kin and emergency services saved. Bring a mobile phone charger and some extra cash.

You never know when these items might be the difference in life and death situations on the road. Keep your car in good condition at all times, and never leave home without these emergency items.