Prepare Your 4WD Tyres for a Road Trip

Road Trip

A road trip through New Zealand can be a great way to spend the weekend or a holiday with family or friends. A road trip can also be a great time to test the capabilities of a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Of course, before the trip itself, you will need to prepare a couple of things to make sure your trip will run smoothly. Among your various preparations, you have to consider your 4WD’s tyres.

Choose Your Tyres

A road trip obviously involves long drives on the road or off it. To optimise your 4WD’s performance for such long drives, you can choose tyres according to where you will drive. On-the-road and off-road driving require different kinds of tyres. The right tyres can minimise tyre problems, help with smooth driving and ensure your safety in off-road conditions.

The quality and budget-tyres provider, Tyre Tracks, add that the right tread pattern, size and carcass construction is critical, particularly when driving on smooth bitumen

3 Main Tyre Categories

You can choose tyres from the three broad 4WD tyre categories: Highway Terrain, All Terrain and mud terrain. When you plan to drive off-road for at least 80% of your trip, you can choose Mud Terrain (M/T) tyres. All Terrain (A/T) tyres, on the other hand, offers balanced grip for both off-road and on-road driving. Finally, you can choose Highway Terrain (H/T) tyres for dominantly on-road driving.

Construction Designation

Now, when you consider A/T tyres, you also have to think about construction. A/T tyres can be designed more as H/T tyres or as M/T tyres. When you need A/T tyres designed for off-roading, you can look for ones that have the Light Truck (LT) designation. Experts recommend Light Truck All Terrain tyres for all around off and on-road driving with a 4WD.

A tyre supplier here in Hamilton will be able to provide you with the 4WD tyres you need, as well as eco tyre or mag wheels you may want. With the correct selection of tyres for your 4WD, you can have a memorable road trip anywhere in New Zealand no matter what road or track you drive on.