Protecting Your Boat from Big Winds and Waves

Boat at a dock

You may think being out in the water is the most dangerous time for your boat, but that’s not always the case. Residents near Lake Huron have learned this lesson when the north wind displaced boats, docks, and wave runners without any warning. According to the residents, they did not expect this kind of havoc in the later part of July.

Storms Are Unexpected

Rockport residents need to be prepared for any water disturbance and waves that could damage their boats and docks. Port Huron residents said the north wind came three weeks later than they expected, and at a level that was much more destructive than what they had anticipated.

Given this, any boat owner should secure their boats properly and check that the boat lift is sturdy enough for the job. Even docks were not safe from the north wind, so you should have a dock builder’s like ShoreStation Boat Lifts number ready in case of an emergency.

Determine the Best Storage Option

Some months of the year have waves low enough that you can safely dock your boats on the pier without any worry. In other months, however, it’s safer to store boats on land, or in a boat storage, to keep them away from treacherous waves. Take historical data into consideration to know which months are dangerous for in-water docking. If you’re new to boat storage, observe what your neighbors and fellow boat owners are doing. If they are confident enough to leave their boats in the water, you can do the safe. But make sure it is docked properly and securely, as isolated winds can still cause waves taller than five feet even if other areas have relatively calm waters.

Wind and waves can be unpredictable. When they work together, there’s no knowing how safe your boat is, so do your best to secure it properly.