Relive the Great American Road Trip with These Impressive Waterfall Hikes

Even though Western America has an abundance of spectacular waterfalls, they aren’t created equal. You can find them enclosed deep in lush forests, while others are set within a spectacular view.

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Totekee Falls, Oregon

As soon as you and your friends arrive within the vicinity of the falls, you can take a fast 0.4-mile hike to see this 113- foot waterfall. These grand falls are flowing constantly all year-round. The best part about this scenic view is that a columnar basalt formation frames these falls. Besides, you’ll also get to enjoy the many hidden gems along the trail.

Palouse Falls, Washington

The 198-foot Palouse waterfall is the official waterfall of Washington State. You can lavish at the lovely view by taking a quick walk to its lookout point. For a few hundred yards, take the social trail into the grass if you want a better view of it. Although, you have to be careful because there aren’t any fences to protect you from the edge of the cliff.

If you want a better experience with your friends, they offer 11 campsites here that are first-come, first-served. You can get in touch with the state park at (509) 646-9218 to get more information.

Wahclella Falls, Oregon

This other waterfall in Oregon is just a short and easy out-and-back hike for a couple of miles. The great 65-foot lower waterfall is a sight to behold, especially because you’ll also get a view of the upper falls once you see it. This hike might only take a few minutes, but it’s set within more astonishing waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge.

Getting your friends together for a get together is always a challenge. Ensure that this one is a road trip they’ll never forget by bringing them to these breathtaking waterfall hikes.