The Must-Visit Places in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is an astonishing Holy City that prides itself on rich historical heritage. You can never go wrong when you decide to tour the city and the famous Charleston Harbor.
Every structure here has a story to tell, says Sandlapper Water Tours. Once you’re in the city, you’ll feel the relaxing, comforting ambience of the place that you’ll want to see more of it. If you’re going to see Charleston, here are the top tourist sites that you must visit:

Fort Sumter National Monument

It is the site that witnessed the first shots during the Civil War. You can travel back in time and remember the Civil War by joining the Fort Sumter Tours.

USS Yorktown and Patriots Point

Charleston also witnessed the World War II. USS Yorktown is the famous “Fighting Lady” featured in the 1944 war documentary. You can also board the large vessel that survived the World War II and Vietnam War.

Historical houses and churches

Every structure in Charleston has a story to tell and can bring you back in time. This can be proven by the number of historical houses in the Holy City. You can visit the Aiken-Rhett House, Nathaniel Russell House, Calhoun Mansion, and Joseph Manigault House. You also shouldn’t miss the St. Michael’s Church, which survived the Revolutionary and Civil War. Other churches are the Cathedral of the St. Joseph the Baptist and Circular Congregational Church.

Charleston Museum

Established in 1773, the Charleston Museum is considered as America’s first museum.
These are only some of the major sites that you should visit in Charleston. You can see more of the Holy City if you will join a harbor cruise. A dinner cruise is also a perfect place to enjoy the view of the sunset. It’s an experience that would touch your heart and leave you satisfied and amazed.