Top 3 Unique Things to Do in Manila

Aerial view of Metro Manila

Manila has a lot to offer to resolute souls who wish to see its jewels. Here are some of the things you can do to appreciate the city.

Go on a Food Trip

If you wish to go on a culinary mission, Manila is a good dining haven. You’ll need to go around in your own car or check some affordable car rentals in Manila to cover a lot of ground. Start the trip in Binondo where the best dim sum and Chinese restaurants are located.

If you’re up for a wide array of international cuisines, food parks are where you should be. Makansutra in Mandaluyong City and Pazar in Quezon City are two of the most notable food parks.

And of course, there are the street food delicacies like isaw (chicken or pork intestines) and balut (duck embryo) just about anywhere you look for the adventurous and brave hearted.

Haggle Your Way on a Street Market

There are many malls in this metropolis, but if you wish to go off the beaten path, you might like to check out Manila’s street market. You could hone your haggling skills just by spending a day shopping in Divisoria, Baclaran or Quiapo.

These markets offer a wide array of items, ranging from the common everyday stuff to the quirky ones. You sure can find something to bring with you home as a souvenir.

Immerse in History and Culture

If history and culture are your thing, Manila has those too. Some notable museums you need to visit include The National Museum, San Agustin Museum and Casa Museum. You might also want to sign up for a tour in Intramuros where you get a glimpse of the Old City when it was still a colony of Spain.

You can walk around the area or ride a calesa for total immersion.

If you look beyond the traffic, the haze and the buzz, Manila is a hidden gem that truly lives up to its name: Pearl of the Orient. And like an exciting treasure hunt, exploring the city can yield an experience of a lifetime.