Understanding the Importance of Proper Waste Oil Disposal

Oil Barrels

Waste oil is defined as used oil that has been mixed with contaminants, such as dirt, metal shavings or other chemicals. Over time,this oil will lose its ability to perform well and will need to be replaced with new or refined one. Refined oil is used crude or synthetic oil that has been processed to remove the contaminants.

Waste Petroleum Combustion Limited talks about the importance of disposing of waste oil properly.

Proper Disposal of Waste Oil

Used oil should never be dumped in a trash bin, drain or the ground because it is highly toxic. Just one gallon of it can easily pollute millions of gallons of fresh water. Waste oil should be stored in a secured and safe container that meets the legal standards in your area, so there is less chance of spillage. You should also place them in a secure area where they are out of children’s reach until you can deliver them to the nearest local waste oil recycling centre.

Recycling Waste Oil

Used oil gets dirty as foreign objects mix with it, but that does not mean you should throw it away. Most used oil can still be recycled to have the same function as before or to create something else. When it is cleaned and refined, it can be used as hydraulic oil, industrial burner fuel or as lubricating oil.

Furthermore, refining crude oil requires more energy. To produce 2.5 quarts of high-quality lubricating oil, you will need 42 gallons of crude oil. In comparison, it only takes a gallon of used oil to produce just as much.

If you have no time to go to a waste oil recycling centre, you can call those who offer free waste oil pick up. Waste oil that is improperly stored in garages or dumped in landfills can cause major harm to the environment and the people.