Would You Buy an Electric Porsche or Mercedes?

Car driving in a curve

Luxury car makers such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz plan to capitalize on the popularity of electric vehicles by launching their own line. An industry forecast showed that they will invest $105 billion in doing so.

This means high-end car enthusiasts may have more choices for sustainable vehicles by 2022 when car manufacturers intend to launch around 75 electric and hybrid models. Formula Motorsports shares more information about the report.

There’s a Catch

A caveat of owning an electric car involves maintenance and repairs, since not all auto mechanics are familiar with them unlike in conventional shops. This could be more difficult for owners of luxury electric vehicles. If you need someone who specializes in Porsche repair in New York City, it’s easier to find one there than in a suburban area.

Despite these setbacks, the demand for battery-powered and hybrid vehicles will still increase in the future. As more people choose to drive electric cars, manufacturers have stepped up production and introduced new models. In the next seven years, around 500 new models will account for one out of five sales globally.

Status Symbol

For some consumers, particularly men, it may not matter whether or not you plan to buy a luxury electric car, as long as it boasts high-end features. A study showed that men with higher testosterone levels are more likely to exhibit consumer aggression.

Experts said that men who are fond of luxury items may be subconsciously trying to establish their status in society. This is no different in the animal kingdom, where males typically use their strength to assert dominance.

The popularity of electric vehicles stems from an increasing awareness of sustainable transportation, while others simply use them to avoid paying for high gas prices. What do you think about driving a luxury electric car?