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Auto Trends

Electric Cars are More Economical, NZ Association Says

June 27, 2017

More people drive electrics cars in New Zealand simply because of their eco-friendly features, but their cost-efficiency serves as another reason why they are a good choice for transportation, according to the Automobile Association (AA). […]

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Car Culture

Fuel Efficiency Issues You Should Understand

June 22, 2017

Every Nissan owner knows that performing regular car service and maintenance is a priority they should embrace to avoid the unnecessary expense of repairs. But, there are instances you cannot help but repair or replace […]

Active Marketing

Boost Your Passive Marketing With Vehicle Wraps

June 21, 2017

Passive marketing allows businesses to be cost-effective while enjoying the benefits of 24/7 advertising. Those who do not subscribe to passive marketing will stand to lose much in terms of brand exposure and market prospects. […]

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Car Culture

Utes Named New Zealand’s Most Popular Vehicles

June 19, 2017

Sales of Utes in May indicated that the vehicle type continued to be the most popular car among drivers in New Zealand, according to the Motor Industry Association (MIA). A trio of brands comprising Ford […]

Man on a Boat Ladder
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What to Look for in a Boat Ladder?

June 13, 2017

If you’ve seen the movie “Adrift,” you would know the importance of boat ladders. In the film, the characters fall off the side of their luxury yacht. With no means to help them get back […]